Accommodation regulations

The customer is obliged to comply with the operating rules in the recreational facility. In the event that it unduly violates it, the landlord has the right to cancel the contractual relationship.

Upon arrival, the tenants prove themselves with a valid identity document and are entered in the List of Accommodated Persons / – hereinafter only List = the list contains: name and surname, date of birth, number of identity document and residence / and write an accommodation protocol with the landlord. Only the persons listed in the List may use the rented cottage; Upon finding out that there is a person not listed in the List or an unrecognized pet in the building, the landlord is entitled to terminate the stay of the whole group without compensation immediately after this finding.

Prohibition of unreported persons staying! No animals!

The landlord reserves the right to terminate the stay immediately if the number of people exceeds either the total capacity of the building, or a higher number of people than reported, or there is an arbitrary increase in the number of people during the rental period, / without the landlord’s knowledge; guests can receive visits to the building only with the express consent of the landlord. If there is another violation of the conditions of the Accommodation Rules – in all cases there is no right to a refund of unused payment for services. The landlord hereby reserves the right to enter the building during the lease for the purpose of checking compliance with the conditions of the Accommodation Rules.

The cottage is handed over by the landlord always tidy in a condition suitable for proper use. Any defects, complaints or damage to the equipment of the building must be reported to the landlord without delay.

Guests are obliged to maintain order and cleanliness in all areas and surroundings throughout the stay / cleaning aids are part of the premises intended for accommodation / and hand over the object, including inventory, in the same condition in which they took it over. On the day of departure, guests are required to carry out a complete cleaning of the building, take out the garbage, remove the sheets, wash the dishes, fridge, bathroom and toilets. If they do not do so, the landlord has the right to a reasonable deduction from the deposit, or final cleaning can be ordered for a fee of 650 CZK.

For safety reasons, the customer does not leave children unattended in the building or in its immediate vicinity (especially by the pond). In winter, you have to watch out for falling snow from the roof.

Without the express consent of the landlord, it is not possible to make changes in the premises / moving furniture, relocation of equipment, etc./ and changes to equipment, repairs and any interventions on the el. or other installations.

During the stay, it is necessary to ensure the protection of the equipment and facilities of the cottage against damage, especially the beds and sofas against mechanical damage by jumping and pollution by children who are not yet capable of personal hygiene! For this reason, we also ask parents to consider the addition of an impermeable protective cover against urination / possible contamination of the mattress will be resolved by deduction from the deposit /.

It is forbidden to sit on the window sills, leave the outdoor windows open when none of the guests is staying in the building and ventilate for longer than necessary, especially in the freezing period.

The tenant is responsible for accidents, damage or theft of property, for theft of luggage at the time and place of rental, except for material damage caused by force majeure / flood, etc./, therefore, tenants are advised to take out appropriate insurance.

Prohibition of taking furniture out of the building.

The whole building is strictly non-smoking !!!!!!!!!!

It is not allowed to light candles in the building or otherwise manipulate with open fire / with the exception of fireplace stoves in compliance with all safety rules /. Fireworks near the building are not allowed.

The lighting of a small fire is allowed only on a dedicated fireplace, when after the end the guest is obliged to extinguish this fire properly (this also applies to possible barbecues), which are available to guests in the summer season. Of course, the grill is handed over in a clean washed state.

Guests are required to change their shoes in the building – suitable guest shoes will be taken by the guest.

Before leaving the building, all appliances (except the refrigerator) must be switched off, the water taps must be switched off, all windows and the doors have been locked.

Guests are obliged to keep the building and its surroundings clean during their stay and to sort waste into plastic garbage bags / separately paper, plastic, glass and mixed waste /. Prohibition of throwing wet wipes, diapers, pads and tampons into the toilet bowl.

Guests are required to avoid activities that would unduly disturb the surroundings, resist good morals and disturb the peace of the night.

The building has an ornamental pond, which is not intended for swimming. It is forbidden to throw foreign objects into the pond / especially stones, branches, bark or grass /. Ban on feeding and catching fish!

A lockable room, which is located in the building opposite, is used for storing bicycles, skis and bicycle carriers. Prohibition of storing these and similar items inside the apartment / cottage /.

Parking only in reserved areas.

If the key to the front door or lockable room is lost, the customer will pay an amount corresponding to the price of the insert and its replacement.

Before the end of the lease, the tenant is obliged to wait for the arrival of the owner and make a proper handover of the building. If they do not do so, the deposit will be forfeited. This does not affect the lessor’s right to claim damages in the event that damage or destruction of his property was subsequently discovered. If the object, including the entrusted inventory, has been found to be in order, the deposit is returned to the guests.